From Presidents’ Day weekend through early April, over 30 International Science Bee Middle School and Elementary School Regional Finals tournaments will be held throughout the USA. Most of these tournaments will be held on weekend dates, and those that are will also feature a tournament for the US Academic Bee (open to all students) and the National History Bee (for those who have qualified) at the same site and on the same date. Students who finish in the top half in their age division at these competitions, will qualify for their respective National Championships; all of which will likewise be held in the same city on the same weekend in June 2019.

The US Academic Bee is an all-subject buzzer-based quiz competition for single students. Many other US Academic Bee regional tournaments will also be offered around the country this year in conjunction with US Academic Bowl tournaments. The Academic Bowl is an all-subject quiz competition for teams from the same school or homeschool group (though solo students may also compete). For further details on both the US Academic Bee and Bowl, please see

The National History Bee is a history quiz competition that at the Elementary and Middle School levels runs on a model very similar to the International Science Bee’s Elementary School and Middle School Divisions. For more information, please see or contact for further details.