IAC is pleased to announce that our 2019-20 Science Bee Asian Championships will be held on November 28 using Zoom and an Online Buzzer System. 

The 2019-20 Science Bee Asian Championships is only open to students who qualified through 2019-20 Regional Tournaments’ Qualifying Exam and the Online Science Bee. The Science Bee will consists of 3 to 4 preliminary rounds. The top students after the preliminary rounds will compete in the semifinal or final rounds. The exact number of students that qualify for the playoff rounds will be determined by the total number of registered players.

Age Divisions (Students will compete in 2019-20 divisions)
Varsity: August 2003 or earlier
Junior Varsity: September 2003 to August 2005
Middle School: September 2005 or after
Students who have moved to a new school or homeschool for the 2020-21 school year can compete for the school that they qualified under in 2019-20.

Schedule (UTC/GMT +8)
November 28 @ 9:00 – Preliminary Rounds
November 28 @ immediately after the Prelim Rounds – Playoff Rounds

Costs: 50 USD per player
All payments are made through Flywire. Payments made by Wire Transfer will include an additional payment of 35 USD.

Registration Form

Registration Deadline: November 21, 2020
Teams and students that cancel their registration for free prior to the registration deadline. Students dropping after November 21, 2020 owe 100% of their registration fees.