As of the 2019-2020 academic year, the International Science Bee is divided into the following age divisions:

Varsity – 11th and 12th Graders
Junior Varsity – 10th Graders and Younger

These two age divisions function similarly; i.e. they have only two stages: the National Qualifying Exam and the National Championships. Note that the JV Division is also open to students in 8th grade and younger; if an 8th grader or younger student qualifies for JV Nationals through the JV National Qualifying Exam, then they are also automatically qualified for their respective age division in the Middle and Elementary School Divisions.

There are also four separate Middle School and Elementary School divisions:

8th Grade Division
7th Grade Division
6th Grade Division
Elementary School Division (All students in 5th grade and younger)

These four age divisions function similarly; i.e. they have three official stages: the Online Regional Qualifying Exam, the Regional Finals, and the National Championships. Students might also have an additional intramural stage; this is up to the teachers / administrators of the International Science Bee at their school or homeschool association.

For students who do not have a formally recognized grade, their division will be determined by their birth date. These dates are detailed on the Info for Homeschoolers page.